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About Mineral Springs                              

Re-incorporated in 1999, the Town of Mineral Springs is located between Waxhaw and Monroe in Union County, North Carolina.  While the community's history dates back to the 18th century, the town had lost its charter and was in danger of losing its identity. Now, proud Mineral Springs residents again have a town to call home.

With a population of just around 2973, Mineral Springs is committed to maintaining a rural community. Wide open spaces abound, and many residents maintain farms or keep horses.  The Queen's Cup, a nationally recognized steeplechase event, takes place in the heart of Mineral Springs on the last Saturday of every April.

The town does not provide any major services, and boasts a property tax rate of $0.025 per $100.  The municipal government is responsible for regulation of zoning and subdivision within the town limits, currently consisting of an area of approximately eight square miles. The independently-chartered Mineral Springs Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service provides fire protection, and police protection is provided by regular Union County Sheriff's patrols.




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